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Good 8K Cameras?

I am wanting an 8K video camera. Are there any good ones? If not, how about a 4K Camera?

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    the cheapest 8k on the market is the Canon Eos R5 but it does overheat after about an hour i would recomend a 6k camera there are two choices if you are shooting film and not so much photography the blackmagic pocket cinema 6k camera is about $2,000 if you are shooting both film and photography i highly recommend spending a little more and getting the panasonic S1H it can record 6K 24FPS, 5.9K 30FPS, 4K 60FPS, 1080p 180FPS has built in anamorphic mode can crop to a super35 sensor does some really cool stuff i would buy it but im getting the S1R same camera just geared more towards photography 47.3 mega-pixel and can't record in 6k only take 6k photo's but will record 4k

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    2 months ago

    Without question, the best device for video (regardless of resolution) is a camcorder.  Camcorders provide a lot of essential features for video that are either not available or lower quality than what you'd get from any DSLR at any price.

    Here's a link to B&H showing the only two digital cameras that have 8K capability:

    As for camcorders, unfortunately there are no consumer-grade camcorders that shoot in 8K.  For 8K in a camcorder, you'll need to get a pro-grade cine camera.  Here's what's on the market:

    Considering the costs just for the camera without a lens, unless you know you really need 8K, I'd go with 4K for now and upgrade to an 8K camera once they become commonplace in the market.  The argument for 4K over 8K is even stronger once one considers the fact that the human eye doesn't have the resolution of seeing the detail of anything beyond 4K.  The only real argument for 8K is that you can crop into the video which enables the editor to produce videos that seem to have been made with multiple cameras or multiple camera shots even though it was shot in one take with one camera.  Other than that, there's no real advantage to shooting beyond 4K.

    Consider what device the video is mostly going to be viewed on.  If your intended audience is going to be using their phone, they won't see any added detail with 4K vs even an HD video.  Again, the only advantage to 4K or 8K is cropping for production purposes.

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