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Should I take a Pregnancy Test?

I am on the Depo shot (this is only my second shot), but lately I have been showing signs of my period about to happen (...i still haven't gotten one). I got cramps, spotting, mood swings, and nausea, and my sex drive went up Extremely.

While this was happening, I had unprotected sex three times.

Since then, my spotting has increase, and I get a light brown discharge (no smell).

I keep having cramps in my uterus and my breasts are starting to be sore and sensitive, my moods have been out of this world

Its only been about six days, but could I be showing early signs of pregnancy?I've read that its most likely Implantation bleeding because of my cramps, but honestly I'm terrified. Ive never had this before, so it sounds like Implantation is more likely.


The unprotected sex: he did not pull out. Anytime.

Update 2:

edit: I asked if I should take a test because of my symptoms (which I have never had before, even when I was on birth control before ), not if I'm actually pregnant. 

Update 3:

edit #2: I have barely been on this birth control for three months. I haven't taken it for years, so it has a lesser chance of affecting my fertility. 

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    You are on birth control. Sex while on birth control is not unprotected sex. 

    You can get an STD, but not a baby (less than one percent chance).

    Edited to add: unprotected sex is sex without any form of birth control. You are on birth control. You can get an STD from having sex without a condom, but you have a less than one in one hundred chance of conceiving.

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