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I have super bad anxiety about customers when they’re rude to me. How do i quit thinking about these comments all the time? ?

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    Ask your manager for advice - the best ways for dealing with rude customers. I'll tell you about a book that employers often recommend - a best-seller for generations.

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    Here's a good habit, a great stress reliever. Always respond to stressful moments by slowing your breathing. Breathing with the diaphragm, the big muscle below the belly, is healthy, mentally and physically. It's good for blood pressure. Don't wear clothing that restricts your breathing and always sit so that you can breathe freely. As you can see in my recent answers, the research on therapeutic breathing is amazing.

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    If you're in the business of dealing directly with the people. You are going to have to stiffen up your problem with incoming. OR get another job in a basement with no windows.

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    1 month ago

    Sing your favorite song randomly in public and you will never have anxiety ever again

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