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Why don't city authorities have inmates/prisoners pick up litter everywhere in town?

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    2 months ago
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    Because that isn’t profitable. Private prisons are all about $$$. The 13th Amendment says it’s legal to enslave prisoners. 

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    Inmates like prisoners have listing. They have home work. They don't clean others litter. While throwing away garbage separate it into three bags. Use bio degradable waste for plants. Even a banana cover can keep the cell phone under charge. 

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    They don't have prisoners do that work, but penalties for minor crimes and teenagers are often community service which includes picking up litter. Many cities do have prisoners do work for the municipality though. IN a city near my home, a small church was burnt down and they had the prisoners rebuild it. The prisoners are paid minimally though, the money is intended for the inmates to be able to spend at the prison commissary. 

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