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Is a side effect of Zoloft or Zyprexa drooling?

I am on those medications and have been for over 10 years, But recently I have noticed I am drooling is that a side of either medication

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    The typical ones are covered on the patient insert which you can find on and on the FDA's web site. From 

    Just the first few:

    Commonly reported side effects of sertraline include





    dyspepsia [upset stomach],



    loose stools,




    xerostomia [dry mouth],

    anorexia [lack of appetite],

    diaphoresis [sweating],

    decreased libido,

    delayed ejaculation

    ejaculation failure




    One very bad one is REM-Sleep Behavior Disorder. It's not common and it doesn't always end in tragedy, but it can. It is not the same as plain old sleepwalking.

    Normally when we sleep, we are unable to move while we are dreaming. Dogs can move a little. That's why they sometimes move their legs like they're running, and halfway bark while they are asleep.

    People with REM-Sleep Behavior Disorder have partial or even full use of their bodies while dreaming. They might kick their spouse, or get out of bed. If they are dreaming about revenge for something stupid that they just dreamed, they are capable of going somewhere and acting it out.

    Never heard of it? It hasn't worked its way into the public consciousness yet. It''s rare, and new. It was first described in the 1980s, which happens to be when the first SSRIs were released. Here's an article that mentions when it was first described. 

    (It also says that 88-90% of those with the disorder go on to develop a neurological disease such as Parkinson's. I haven't looked into that yet.)

    Here are some respectable sources that state the connection between SSRIs and the disorder.

    Mayo Clinic:



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