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I'm a guy I've worn a pixie mullet since 2005 and always been hated for it. Miley Cyrus does it during Covid-19 and now people celebrate it?

Why? Just because she's a celebrity with a twitter account during a virus outbreak? I'm a guy now in his early 30's, I've worn this exsct hairstyle since 2005 and I've always been hated for it, especially during the anti-mullet 2010's decade when the hideous undercut kept getting more popular. And the celebrity gossiper Hershberger or whatever her name is did not coin the term "pixiemullet". I have been calling it this since before Barack Obama got elected and no one ever cared. I always had an issue with hairdressers so I cut my hair at home before Covid-19 with a Robocut or Flowbee vacuum haircutter which are excellent for these hairstyles. I have posted questions on here from deleted accounts somewhat recently saying this and people would flat-out tell me that hairstyles that are one-length pixie hairstyles on the front and sides and a mullet in the back is ugly, dated, or just unacceptable. And now that she does it most people think its cute. All I'm saying is that why do celebrities have to get credit for things that ordinary people accomplish way before they ever do?


Short to medium one-length pixie hairstyle on the top and sides with mullet length in the back.

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