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Why do my parents always talk down on me?!?

I honestly don't think my parents are as supportive as they should be to me. Most of the stuff that I do consists of me trying to please them and I am always hard on myself because of that. I am in college and I am going back this weekend but I had to get a summer job and it was hard finding one but I found something. I am getting an apartment with my friend and I have to pay for most of my own stuff which is fine of course. 

My last day of work is tomorrow because I am going back and i have been working 8 hour shifts every day for the past 2 weeks and tomorrow I work a 9 hour shift on my last day. I work at a clothing store which isn't too bad but it can honestly get overwhelming at times because it gets crowded and there's a lot to do. My dad picked me up today and I told him I was tired and he was like "you'll be alright". He always makes little snarky comments like this and has done it before but that is the last thing I want to hear after working an 8 hr shift. 

I had kind of an attitude and dint speak to him because I was tired and honestly just wanted to be left alone and i heard him talking behind my back to my mom and saying how I think an 8 hr shift is all that and that he used to do that all the time and its nothing and I need to suck it up. They always talk behind my back but hoenstly that made me even madder. I have back problems and I literally have to be on my feet all day. What should I do about them?

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    I think you should distance yourself from your parents, or if you live in the same house as them, gather some money so you're able to move out. I'm not trying to be rude with this, but your parents seem really toxic. You work hard and making a living for yourself which is something most parents would be happy about, but the fact that your's aren't happy for you and constantly talk down to you is concerning. I think one other solution that could work is standing up to them, and tell them how you don't appreciate their comments. 

    You could say something like: 'I work hard, I have a good job, and I'm happy with my life, and I'm proud of myself for all that I do. If you aren't proud of me, then fine. You don't have to accept what I do or what kind of job I work at because we live in two different worlds, but that doesn't give you a free pass to talk down on me, as my parents you're supposed to be supporting me, not bullying me for the things I'm doing in my life.' 

    If talking to them doesn't work, then try the first two things I said. Best of luck to you!! 

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