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I cause temper tantrums like a 3 year old  because I was abused as a child and I was never loved by my parents and my needs weren’t met?

I am going crazy because I was abused as a child by my parents my husband told me to get counseling but I refuse I am going insane without my parents love 

What do I do 


I broke the tv last week for not being loved by my parents 

Update 2:

I am causing fits for not being loved unconditionally by my parents my husband has loved me unconditionally 

Update 3:


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    I really think you should at least try counseling, then only if that doesn't work should you explore other avenues. But you can also begin looking into mindfulness, yoga, and meditation. They can really help with psychological and emotional distress.

  • Andy C
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    6 months ago

    You refused help,  so too bad.

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