why did my weed eater have hard starts up until I began to use small engine fuel?

I would usually mix my 2 cycle oil and gasoline (93 octane) and my weed eater had some really hard starts. When it would start a gray but clear smoke would be seen for  about 30 seconds and then disappear.

I decided to buy a premix oil+fuel called "Small Engine fuel" that they sale over the counter at hardware stores. It is usually in spray paint cans or small cans. 

I dumped the mix that I made in the weed eater and then put the small engine fuel into my weed eater. 

The hard starts disappeared instantly. 

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  • 2 months ago
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    The premixed small engine fuel is way more expensive than the gas/oil do it yourself mix, but if it can safely work in your weed eater, and eliminates the hard start issue ,use it. 

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