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Is it true that 1 spouse always has to dominate the other in a marriage?

Through intimidation and fear. That doesn't sound cool. 

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    No that is not true both spouses must treat each other with love to the best of their ability based on the bible's advice. God assigned men the role of being the head of the household that doesn't mean though that the wife isn't important. The bible says at 1 Peter 3:7: 

    "You husbands, in the same way, continue dwelling with them according to knowledge. Assign them honor as to a weaker vessel, the feminine one, since they are also heirs with you of the undeserved favor of life, in order for your prayers not to be hindered."

    This meaning wives should be handled differently than husbands.

    The wife actually plays a very important role in the family has described at Proverbs 14:1 she has the power to build up or tear down her family.

    So each spouse has their specific role which are both important no one spouse should dominate the marriage.

    To learn more about the roles of each spouse and how to have a happy family life visit

    Source(s): NWT bible
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    love is never mutual it has winners, losers, and people that don't play at all...research family court cases and divorce court.

  • Pearl
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    2 months ago

    i dont think so

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    LOL ... hell no.  Have you never seen a functional relationship?  It's based on love, honor, and mutual respect.  A relationship based on intimidation and fear is the very definition of a dysfunctional relationship.

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  • 2 months ago

    No.  That is not true.  But as in any partnership, truly equal partners are rare. 

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