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Why did my Alaskan malamute stop shedding?

I have a 10 year old Alaskan malamute who used to blow his coat seasonally like normal. And I’m the past year or so he hasn’t shed nearly at all. His hair just won’t come out and he looks really obese and way too fluffy. He weighs the same amount as before and we cut back on his food, he isn’t overweight. But he looks ridiculous since his coat won’t shed! We took him to the groomers and he still has way too much hair. Way more than he’s ever had and he is always panting now because if it. He’s way too hot now and it’s making him miserable. Does anyone know why his fur stopped shedding like normal?

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    If your dog isn't shedding as normal, it's likely that new hair isn't growing to push the old hair out.  But that's not the underlying cause.

    The cause could be poor nutrition (and it may not be the food -- it may be the dog's decreased ability to absorb and use the nutrients in the food.)  It could be a skin condition, or cancer, a thyroid issue, diabetes, liver or kidney insufficiency, cardiovascular disease, dental disease (which can cause all KINDS of problems) ... Or it could be simply that your dog is aging and he's showing it.

    Regardless, you need to have your dog seen by a vet, if only to rule the more serious conditions OUT.  Age 10 is very senior for a Malamute, and older dogs are more likely to develop health problems that might not be  obvious to the owner.  The vet will want to do a physical exam and assessment and a blood workup, at minimum, to determine your dog's overall state of health, and the blood panel will give the vet an idea of what might be wrong if the results aren't normal.

    Please don't blow this off.  Not shedding doesn't seem like an obvious red flag, but it can be.  Anything that you know isn't normal for your dog warrants a trip to the vet.  

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    I’m thinking he’s got a thyroid problem and suggest you see our vet for blood work.

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    There could be mats in all that mess that is tangled all together.  Have you been brushing him?  All the tangles could be stopping the dog from shedding.

    I think that if you got one of the tools a groomer uses to blow out the undercoat that it would pay for itself in one season.  Power dryer has very strong blowing force that just blows that undercoat off the dog.

    The first one pictured is the same as I bought over 20 yrs ago & it is still working just fine.

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    I've never seen this when it wasn't either a very serious health problem OR some type of nutritional issue.

    What does your Vet say?  I never realized my GSD was sick until she didn't shed one Spring.  After a full blood panel we found out she had cancer.  I would get the dog in to the Vet NOW.

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    It is related to poor nutrition as a result of what you are feeding your dog. If he is not blowing his coat that means he is not producing new healthy fur either. You might consider changing him over to a raw food diet at least for awhile.

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    maybe a visit to the vet will solve this problem. He may need a healthcare check up

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    Do you brush him??? Have you take him to a groomer for shedding???

    He literally, just sounds impacted.

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