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Why are people on this site aggressive?

I could literally ask a simple question like "why is the sky blue" and people will answer it like I just personally called them a Nazi or something. Does this place attract a certain demographic of unhappy people?


I smell the projection.

Update 2:

I've never actually asked "why is the sky blue". Just using it as an example of how harmless my questions be. I do ask unique questions that aren't answered with a Google search. Felt I needed to clear that up

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    Because that's how SOME people are all over the internet. The internet gave rise to some people letting their inner bully shine. Courtesy and consideration for others has become the exception, instead of the norm (as it once was) because people can hide behind a screen, an avatar, an alias and behave as badly as they want with little or no consequence (esp if they aren't breaking the law). 


    It's not just YA, it's everywhere...especially sites that don't have strict moderation. Since YA is moderated by its own users, when you've got the patients running the asylum, this is what you get.

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    6 months ago

    Because they can post anonymously and thus cannot get caught. 

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    6 months ago

    For the same reason that some people can't stop posting childish chat violations.

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    Yahoo Answers has always attracted users who have nothing better to do than attack others.  Some categories are worse (a LOT worse) than others.

    It's true that users do get irritated, exasperated, and tired of seeing the same questions asked over and over again, especially such as the one in your example, which could be answered by doing a little research (in most cases, a quick Google search), but that's not an excuse to attack the user who asked the question.

    It's easy enough to just NOT ANSWER a question if it's repetitive or you find it annoying.  Really.  Just don't answer.

    But some definitely WILL *answer* (not really) that question every time it's asked, but only for the 2 points and to use it as an opportunity to berate and insult the asker.

    If an *answer* to the question 'Why is the sky blue?' does not contain an explanation for why the sky is blue, it's a non-answer violation and should be reported.  Don't engage with those people, don't argue, don't encourage them.  That's what they live for (and it's probably -- sadly -- the only interaction they have with others.)  Just report and move on.  

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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    No. It attracts a certain demographic of people who get irritated by stupid questions. 

    Not trying to sound like lan or anything but jeez people DO AN EFFING GOOGLE SEARCH before coming here and asking some of the ignorant shít that you ask. 

    "I could literally ask a simple question like "why is the sky blue"". 

    Which is exactly the kind of content the that causes people to snap at people like you. Because its so obvious that you and others ask questions like that just to fill silence. ANd yes, its going to piss certain users off, myself included. Why? Because for many of us (you'll find that many of the meanest users on Y!A are the longtimers who have been here for longer than 5 years) there was a time when you didnt need to fill ask banal, dumb, or pointless questions to fill silence. 

    Because there was always something being asked here. And it was always interesting or entertaining. Troll or no troll. 

    And then a few butthurt reportnik trolls who ruined everything by going on mass reporting sprees. 

    And here we are. 

    Trust me if more of us longtime users had the ability to drop content with one report, we'd be reporting running you out of town instead of just being mean to you. When all was said and done this place would CLEANED THE EFF out of stupid questions, hate trolls, and the OCD crackpots who repeat the same crap over and over and over again. 

    Even if that left nothing. Hell this website would probably end up dying when all was said and done. But to hell with it, at least we would finally found victory over the scum that seems to have inherited this website.  

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    People are going to be mean because they think they are better than others

  • 6 months ago

    Why are you spamming up such pointless chat questions wasting everyones time? could it be that no one talks to you in real life and you're the miserable lonely loser?

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