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My dog will not eat dog food only popeyes chicken?

What can I do? He doesn't eat anything else but popeyes chicken.... I tried feeding it dog food even the expensive good taste kind, but he just woudn't eat it... It has to be popeyes chicken.. I find myself making trips to popeyes every day, and it's really killing my pockets and gas.. I really don't know what to do anymore.

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    5 months ago

    Your dog will eat what you feed it, if it's hungry enough. Animals don't starve themselves. Expensive dog food doesn't necessarily = 'good taste' to your dog. Buy quality dog food or learn to prepare an appropriate raw food diet. 

    FYI trolling YA or posting fake stories IS a violation here.

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    Someone has spoiled this dog & it needs to stop cause what you are feeding is not good for dogs.

    Put down the dog food in the food bowl & do not give it anything else.  Leave it down.  A dog will not starve itself if there is food available.  In two or three days the dog will eat.

    Some people just shouldn't own any animals.  Humans do horrible things to their pets out of ignorance.

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    5 months ago

     Then its obviously trained you very very well indeed: Healthy dogs wont starve themselves to death even if it means eating garbage

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    5 months ago

    If I believed you - which I don't - I consider this another one of your never-ending attempts to get attention - I'd say don't buy Popeye's Chicken for him, put down dog food, no dog will deliberately starve itself to death.

    Sorry I didn't post an inflammatory response.  Go back to pretend breeding for that.

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