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What can you do if you suspect someone might steal from you?

A couple in a jeep with no licence plate just parked in front of my house and kept leaning out the window and pointing towards the area where we keep our lawnmower and our shed. I thought they might want to steal something, maybe the lawnmower. Can I even report them, or do i have to wait for them to actually steal something? It was really suspicious. I was too afraid to confront them, but now I wish I had. I thought of leaving the back porch light on by the items in question, but didn't know if that would aid or deter a thief. 

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    2 months ago

    An unlicensed vehicle in the street and THAT didn't make you think you should call the Police?

    So chain the lawnmower, chain the shed shut, sit in the shed in the dark with a shotgun.  If you are "too afraid" to protect your own property, ask your Mom to sit out there.

  • 2 months ago

    Yeah i agree, even though it seems suspicious, you definitely cannot report the couple as as criminals or say you think they want to steal. There is no evidence to go by and maybe they did point at the lawn mower area? Maybe they were just commenting on the yard setup? I would hate to see two innocent people harrased by police because of poor information 😐

  • 2 months ago

    Your best bet would be to get security cameras. I would just write down anything else you can remember (color of the jeep, any identifying marks such as damage, what the people looked like, etc)

    You can't really report someone for looking into your yard (heck, maybe they saw an animal) unless you felt threatened for you safety (but not the safety of the lawnmower)

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