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Will I be able to vote by mail for the November 2020 US Presidential and Federal election? I vote in Michigan.?

I'm concerned because President Trump is opposed to "voting by mail" because of fraud. I thought that things would be OK as absentee ballot voting is a state function not controlled by the Federal Government. But now I've heard that President Trump through his appointee, the Postmaster General has ordered the curtailment of overtime to deliver mail.  Basically, the rule was to be if the mail was of such a volume that it couldn't be delivered in a normal shift, it was to be left at the distribution center. The future possibilities are that similar embargoes might be applied to absentee ballots during the election period. Piling up mounds of postal ballots without postmarks or dates.

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    1 month ago

    Vote letters no good. Come bake no stamp. 2 sends get ,

  • Tmess2
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    2 months ago

    There are some concerns that things may be delayed at the postal service due to budget cutbacks.  The postal service is promising that the mail will get delivered on time, but it's debatable how much faith should be placed in that promise.

    The best solution is to get in your application for absentee ballot early and mail-in your absentee ballot as soon as you get it.  If you wait until the week before the election to request an absentee ballot, the local election authority may not get the request before the deadline and (more importantly) you might not get your absentee ballot early enough to complete it and mail it back in.  

    Assuming that you mail it early enough, you should be able to cast a valid vote-by-mail for the November election.

  • 2 months ago

    Yes, you will be able to vote absentee for the November election.  You apply online, though it is actually too soon to request an absentee ballot:


    The objection is to the Democrats' plan to simply mail countless ballots to everyone for whom they have a name and address without any of the verifications required for a legitimate absentee ballot. DNC operatives will then harvest the ballots in order to steal the election. 

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