can i return my gold id bracelet?

i bought a gold id bracelet and it says it can be returned within 14 days but the only issue is that its engraved. Though before when i bought it they told me if i didn't like the engraving i could have it polished over and re done or just leave it gold. Will i run into issues with returning even though im within the time frame and they told me they could polish over the engraving?

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

     Just make sure you have the receipt. Make a xerox copy of the receipt for your records, send them back the bracelet and the original receipt.  There should not be any issues, if they said you can return it after its been engraved.  You want a refund, correct? They can resell the bracelet to someone else, after it is re-polished.

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