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My Graphics Card is getting really hot?

My graphics card seems to get really hot while playing games, from about 50 degrees to 65 degrees, is this normal? I have an Nvidia RTX 2080 Super. Also I use speedfan to monitor my temps, it says that my GPU is too hot at above 50 degrees. 

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    GPU's can and do run hotter than CPU's typically. 50C-65C is nothing to be concerned about at all. Under load 50C is actually quite cool for a graphics card. Under a typical gaming load, I would expect the card to run around 55C-77C . Under stress testing (3DMark) , I would expect temps in the 75C-90C range. 

    Edit: Apparently the GTX 2080 will start throttling at 88C.  At any rate 50C is nothing for this card and at 65C, it's not in any danger of overheating. 

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    50c to 75c are good temperatures for an RTX 2080 Super.

    Speedfan is an old program but it gets periodic updates. I tried Speedfan a long time ago but I didn't like it too much. If you want to tweak the card's fan speed then download MSI Afterburner. 

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    Card could benefit from more air circulation.  Since you tell nothing about the box it is in, what fans are on, it is up to you to decide.

    Some people replace the fan heatsink on a video card with a copper block that has passage for liquid coolant.  That and a pump, heat exchange fins and fans, and you have a very powerful way to lower the temperature of the GPU chip.

    Also it is done for CPU, hard disk, sometimes RAM.

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