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Was Winston Churchill an alcoholic?

Obviously he was a heavy drinker, and he came from a different time, when perhaps the definition of an alcoholic might be different from our own one. Churchill had a whiskey with his breakfast and drank heavily at mealtimes. As a side point, he was also tranqued-up with drugs to maintain his wartime work.

   I don't think any less of Churchill for his vices; it's interesting to know about it. It's a little like those studies of James Bond's drinking which would have proved James Bond was an alcoholic who would have been 'hospitalized'.


Sir Caustic: That would be his opposite Stafford Cripps. He was one of those self-righteous holier-than-thou Labour types who campaigned for better working conditions and was therefore a contemptible hypocrite before he started.

Update 2:

I know of at least one story of a drunk Churchill -

Lady to Churchill at a do: "Sir, you are drunk".

Churchill back: "Madam, you are ugly, but in the morning I shall be sober".

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    Was Churchill an Alcoholic?

    The question frequently arises, was Churchill an alcoholic? Certainly his own accounts of his prowess (“I have taken more out of alcohol than alcohol has taken out of me”), and his frequent depiction as a red-nosed drunk by enemies from Goebbels to modernday scoffers, lends one to believe that he drank heavily.

    The truth, as Richard Geshke puts it in a communication on ChurchillChat, is that he was “a constant sipper: “I never heard any stories of a drunk Churchill.”

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    "drank heavily at mealtimes"

    You are a proper junior Puritan aren't you?

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    Oh, no. No, he wasn't. In fact, he was a teetotaller. He absolutely abhorred alcoholic beverages and, being a fitness fanatic, was very slim and totally into health foods and mineral water and all that. Everyone knows this. Except, of course, for you.

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