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Is there a phone number I can text, that would auto text me back, like a testing system?

Sometimes I send texts to family members, sometimes they don't text right back, which is fine.  But because of my anxiety, I feel as though the text didn't actually send, even though it said it did.

This actually did happen to me one time.  I sent a text out, or, family members were sending me texts, but I wasn't receiving them.  So I was thinking, is there a phone number that you can send a text to, that if that number receives a text, it would send you back a success text or something similar?

I have sent texts to my phone number, from my actual phone, but not really sure if that would be the same thing, as getting a text from a different device or from a different area.

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    Nope there are no auto responder text, testers out there. Any even if there were, the person your are not getting fast responses from, may be busy, in a low signal area, or just have their phone off. 

    If your anxiety is getting the best of you, just text family and friends to text you back sooner rather than later. Or call them if you feel you are not getting through. 

    But you must understand, the purpose of text, email and voicemail, is for those that receive it, to get back to the sender WHEN THEY, feel they feel they have the time to do so.

    So if a text, email or voice message, is important to you, to get a response ASAP, for whatever reasons, YOU need to make that clear in your message. Even if you have to say something like "Hey my anxiety is out of control at the moment, please get back to me right away". Don't assume they know your needs, if you don't make them clear. 

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