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After tonsillectomy, is it normal for teeth to hurt and to not be able to talk on day 9?

I had a tonsillectomy at age 21 on Monday, 7/27. Today is Tuesday, August 4th. It has been excruciating and almost unbearable besides today. Yesterday I started to feel better and today was even better than that. I’m hopeful that I’ll continue to feel better as more of my scabs fall off, however I’m a bit concerned. I’m having a really hard time chewing because of pain in some of my teeth. Has anyone else had this problem? I’ve mainly had a liquid and puree diet until today for reference. I also can’t talk normally yet. My voice is soft, nasally, and it hurts to talk so I’ve been avoiding doing so. Is that still normal to see on day 9? Thanks! 


edit: @ Marc, today I’m not having bad pain at all. In fact, I am no longer taking pain medication besides occasional Tylenol. My surgeon said 2 week recovery is typical, and I’ve seen a lot of people with pain for the full 14 days, if not longer. The location of the pain is my real question. Is tooth pain and talking pain normal still? 

Update 2:

other answers are appreciated!

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  • Marc
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    You should not have this much pain after 9 days. Please call the surgeons office who did the procedure and tell them

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