Will Susan Smith of Union, SC get paroled when she is up for it in 2024 and would you support the release of her from prison?

I support it as long as she is forbidden from being alone with children. 


If anyone doesn't remember this I am referring to the mother in Union, SC who drowned her two children and claimed they were kidnapped. I support her release because she was clearly mentally ill and suicidal. She has paid her price. 

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    2 months ago
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    The Psychiatrists who examined her didn't think her mental illness was at a level where she could not make legal decisions.  That defense did NOT keep her out of jail.

    I see no connection between her being suicidal and her murdering her children and then claiming "black men" were involved and she was not.  She seemed pretty rational when she made up THAT excuse.

    You really think that not being alone with children will keep children safe from her?  I don't.

    I am VERY familiar with this case.  I think less jail and more mental health treatments would IN GENERAL be a solution in many of these arrests for capital crimes.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    I have no way of knowing if she WILL be paroled.

    I don't believe she SHOULD be paroled.

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