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Baby fell now he has a fever should I be concerned?

So my 6month old fell off my knee height bed I was going to change him quick and he rolled out. He cried then go calm quick and eventually fell asleep this was around 6am it’s now 2.59 pm and he’s been eating fine but now he has a fever 100.1 and is sleeping often? The fall wasn’t that high or bad so I don’t understand why he would get a fever should I be concerned? 

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    What did his doctor say when you called?  Presumably you talked to his actual doctor before running online.

  • Koi
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    1 month ago

    Maybe there is germs on you floor that infected him. Clean more often if you have a baby. 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    The fever might not be related to the fall.  At the age of six months, teething is common and a fever is a common symptom of teething.  Is your baby showing any signs of teething?

    As for being concerned about the fall - did the baby hit their head?  Sleeping too much after a hit to the head could be a problem.  It is one of the symptoms of a concussion.

    A phone call to your local hospital or doctor's office might be a good idea.  Just talk to some one and get advice about what you should be doing or issues you should be watching for.  If your regular doctor's office has an emergency service, I would start with that.  If they don't, then just call your local hospital and ask if you can speak with a nurse or doctor about this issue.  (with COVID issues, I am sure they will talk to you over the phone and let you know if you should bring the child in or give you advice on what to do.)

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