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Family: Do I have anger issues because of  my family?

I can get very angry easily lt's something that has been happening since I was small. I will go into full temper tantrums. Also something that has been happening since I was young and is still happening today is my parents are always fighting and aguing all the time and twice a month something big always have to break out between them. This can get very violent.

Now about me my anger is really just a problem solver as in I get angry when there is a problem and I want to solve it. Which is really just an advanced type of crying...

Has being exposed to the full out common conflicts all the time trained my mentality to be angry?

Legend says, I have autism. Well, really a doctor said that, but I am not sure.

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    Autism is a medical diagnosis, not a legend.

    And some forms of autism include bursts of anger.

    You aren't sure you are autistic but PHYSICIANS are sure?  Odd.

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