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I see so many people on the internet get nice drone shots of beautiful places. How do they do it?

Just about every place that I want to go to, it's illegal to use a drone. I see professional photographers, to freelance ones to wannabe youtubers get the good shots on their drones (like a DJI Phantom) in places that have been prohibited for years.  I mean, are THAT many people just flying illegally or do they know something I don't know? I always look up the rules and it says any aircraft (like my DJI Phantom 4) for commercial use is strictly illegal. So how do all these strangers get a pass? They can't all be committing crimes because the shots are so high and long surely someone would see them out there. 


Aw shoot, I didn't mean to say commercial. I meant to say PERSONAL.

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    Usually, they get permission from the authorities. For commercial purposes, there would be a license fee involved -- many professionals pay a goodly fee to take drone shots in those places. 

    But, for many places, especially where there are few drones in the air, there are rules about flying height, and other stuff (like what they can take pictures of). As long as you stick to the rules, most places don't bother to enforce the prohibitions.

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    Catapults. You can buy Photography Catapults that allow the user to launch their mobile phones into the air for those really good aerial shots. Obviously you have to be good at catching them when they plummet downwards, but then again you can also buy Photography Catapult Safety Nets which catch them for you if you're not very good at catching stuff.

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    You state: "...any aircraft (like my DJI Phantom 4) for commercial use is strictly illegal."  If the person is not using their drone for commercial use, then they are permitted.  For the pros who do need or want to get shots in areas where drones are prohibited, their only recourse is to either:  1) get a permit to use their drone; 2) do it illegally.

    But as you say, in certain areas, it's illegal or at least prohibited to fly a drone for "commercial" use.  This means that it's okay to fly a drone (usually under a specific weight without a license from the F.A.A.) for personal use.

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