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If I were a professor, would it be okay for me to...?

laugh at and mock a student who's struggling to meet deadlines and to avoid giving feedback on their coursework because of it? Even though the student may be depressed or may have misunderstood the tasks?


And would this make me a narcissist since mocking a student who chose to go to college yet is struggling means I have a lack of empathy and cannot understand it from the students point of view? 

Update 2:

Just to be clear, i do not think it would be okay to do and i would not want to do that.

Update 3:

I disagree that he was just arrogant, he lacked empathy- a major narcissistic trait. He treated me like dirt and never showed any remorse.

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  • Kenny
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    2 months ago

    Many professors are part of the liberal academia so what ever they do is OK because they are the educated liberal elite .  They know better than most, so the rest can't be trusted to make the right decisions .  You must not question their opinions else you will be destroyed  . It would not make him a narcissist, it shows the professor to be arrogant .

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    When a student misses a deadline, I give that student has zero and I do not provide any more feedback. If the student has a legitimate excuse as determined by our counselors, I may give an extension.  A student who has misunderstood the assignment or he is feeling depressed, needs to contact me in advance to request a brief extension on the due date.

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