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Is this a healthy snack ?

1 Wholemeal Banana sandwich

Is it a healthy snack as im trying to lose weight so far I've lost 19lbs by changing my diet 

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    As long as you count it to your overall daily calories as part of your diet its fine.

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    wholemeal is carbs and bananas are fattening.

    better snacks are like celery and cucumber and stuff lol

  • ?
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    6 months ago

    No.  It isn't a great choice due to the high carb count with littler or now other nutrition.

    "Whole meal" can mean a lot of things.  An average slice of whole grain bread could run 100+ calories a slice with 19 grams of carbs.  Add two of those plus a banana and you are look at 300-400 calories and 65+ grams of carbs.  While 300-400 calories isn't bad, you are getting a huge surge of glucose which will stop fat burning until you use or store it and will probably also make you hungry.

    A better options would be lots of vegetables and a little protein fat.  You can eat a lot for 300 calories.  

    Weight loss comes down to calories consumed vs calories burned.  A 300-400 calorie snack is a significant amount of calories for many people.  What else are you eating in the day?  How often do you eat? How much energy will you use up after eating all those carbs?

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    6 months ago

    If that's all it is..wholemeal bread and banana, it's fine. It's not unhealthy. Whole grains are a good part of a healthy diet, as are fruit and veggies. 

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