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If I gain weight will men still like me?

I’m a normal weight now but I’ve always had the fear of getting big ever since I was little. 

Now that I’m older I wonder if I were to put on a few pounds would men still want me? Would they want a family with me? How much do men really care about weight?  (Btw I’m not talking 600lbs either just a big chubby. )


*bit not big 

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    There are men who like all sizes, so.......

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    well it depends guy to guy but personally in dating I’ve found guys usually go for girls who are thinner but normal weight. i usually maintain my weight at like the lowest in the range for my height because a slim figure looks better in my opinion. some guys only go for stick thin girls and i used to be obsessed with that back in college and id diet to be really skinny but now ive let that go and just generally stay in shape and fit. if you want to put on a few lbs I can’t tell you what guys would think but the better question is why do you want to put on weight lol?

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    I've known far more overweight (including obese and morbidly obese) women who were in relationships than those that were single. Some guys care about weight, some don't. Same goes for women. If you have a great personality and are a confident person, that will draw people to you no matter what you look like.


    YOU have control over your weight though. There's no point in worrying about putting on a few pounds, when that's completely under your control. If you don't want to be overweight, make sure you eat right and stay active so that doesn't happen. It makes no sense at all to worry about something that you can control. 


    Nobody here can tell you what some man's family wants or doesn't want. We aren't fortune tellers.

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    well i don't care...............

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