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Are these examples of someone being hypothetical?

I think they are but he says they’re not and I’m not sure who’s correct

Can anyone help?

Been with my missus for 15 years, and have no intention of ever being with anyone else. I don't feel the need to have a lavish ceremony and swear that belief in front of witnesses to know that it's true - 

But because we're not married, if something should happen to me it would be phenomenally difficult for her to get what she should be entitled to - such as my pension, or my savings - without us being married.

If we have kids, and something happens, as an unmarried father I will not get automatic responsibility for our child.

So if I want any of the above for me, her or any children we might have, I have to get married 

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    A hypothetical is usually further removed than that from a real situation. But this person also doesn't understand basic things like paternity law and such. Of course if you sire a child you're responsible for it, whether you were married to its mother or not. 

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    I fail to see how this is "hypothetical."  Do you know what hypothetical means?

    If you die unmarried, she doesn't have a DIFFICULT time getting what she "should be entitled to, such as ... pension ... savings."  She will NOT be entitled to your pension, your savings and so forth.  LEGALLY ENTITLED are the magic words.

    It is NOT true that as unmarried father you would not gt "automatic" responsibility for your child.  If you are the birth father you are the father whether you are married to the mother or not married to the mother; therefore, you would get full custody unless you didn't want full custody.

    She's not your "missus/mrs."

    I chose against a "lavish ceremony" and was married by a Justice of the Peace in order to legally protect my now wife should anything happen to me.  Interestingly, some years ago she was quite ill and on life support and had to fight for my right to speak for her as her husband.  Had we been single and I had had no voice, she would have been taken off life support and died.

    You are basing your decision not to marry (or to marry) on very flawed beliefs.

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