What does time tolled mean in an omnibus hearing? ?

I've been following a person's murder conviction where it is known that murder happened and she did it. One lawyer already recused himself and she keeps getting omnibus hearings. A year passed. Just omnibus hearings so far. The newest one is "time tolled" I'm not sure what this means. I think Coronavirus is slowing everyones trial dates. Eventually she has to go to trial, but how many times can one keep requesting omnibus hearings? 


One lawyer recused himself citing irreconcilable differences. He could not work with her. So she had to get a new lawyer and that slowed things down. She is out on bail with ankle monitor and can't leave her county. 

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    "Time toll" extends the Statute of Limitations (usually) OR extends the time within a trial must be held OR extends the time within a Grand Jury must hear a matter.

    I'm sure everyone knows the murder "happened."  How do you know she "did it?"

    Perhaps if "everyone knows" it is difficult to pick a jury.

    Judges recluse themselves.  District Attorneys recuse themselves.  Attorneys do NOT recluse themselves.  They quit/resign from representation.  They ask the Court to remove them as defense counsel for a variety of reasons.

    Again, attorneys do NOT recuse themselves.

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