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What external SSD storage should I buy for my laptop to play games on?

My laptop has a 3.0 port and I am wondering which SSD I should buy. I am willing to spend $100-150 dollars for one.

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  • David
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    2 months ago

    The simple answer is you can't install games onto an external drive. 99% of games need to be installed on an internal drive. When you install a game certain registry files and other files expect the game to be at a fixed path. With an external drive the drive letter may change if you plug something else in as well, so Windows generally doesn't allow installation onto an external drive. As other have said just get a bigger drive, clone your internal drive to the bigger one to get enough space.

  • P
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    2 months ago

    Samsung makes the best external USB SSD's.    

    However I would generally advise spending the money on replacing your boot drive since you can get some very nice ones for $150.   The speed\latency you get with usb ssd's is very dependent on the quality of the USB controller in your laptop which can vary greatly.  You can also subject yourself to random boot errors and miss-configurations when you install things to an external drive and boot up the computer with it disconnected.  

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    2 months ago

    first of all, you should NEVER install games on external media. not only can it cause problems, but there's really no reason for it. any reason you have for doing it is quickly negated.

    for starters, you cannot just plug the external media into any computer and play the games. they will only work on the computer they were installed on.

    also, there are registry entries that are NOT installed on the external drive, and starting the computer without that drive plugged in, or even just in a different USB port, can actually cause stability problems, and can, in some cases, break your game, forcing you to reinstall it 

    secondly, you can actually just REPLACE your existing hard drive with the new SSD. this does require you to clone the drive (OR reinstall Windows), but Samsung SSDs actually have free software that will clone it for you. and such INTERNAL SSDs are much cheaper than external ones, so you should be able to afford a larger drive.

    a 1TB SSD is about $140 on Amazon...

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