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What versions of MacOS will run in a virtual machine(Oracle VirtualBox)?


Also if you know were to get an iso copy or whatever macOS uses that would also be very much appreciated

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    6 months ago

    For these kinds of questions, you're better off looking at dedicated hackintosh forum like

    Installing macOS on non Apple hardware is against Apple's terms of service (that no one reads, but still agree to), so we can't exactly tell you where to download a DMG file (The Mac disk image format is .dmg, but they an work with ISOs as well) for installing macOS.

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    6 months ago

    MacOS will ONLY run on Apple hardware.

    this is by design, as non-Apple hardware is not supported.

    Apple products are made very specifically to work just well enough to work with the hardware/software they came with. this is why you don't hear about "Mac modding" very often. it's not impossible, but also not easy, and not usually worth the effort/money it takes to do it. you could just buy a faster Mac...

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