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What should I do if I hate my moms bf and his presence stresses me out severely and makes me angry ?

My moms bfs presence angers me and stresses me out.He is really ghetto and loud and drinks all day everyday and has the house reeking like beer.I feel uncomfortable walking around the house and I hate being around him I don’t speak to him at all.Last week he packed up all his stuff after being gone for two weeks.....and now today when I came back home from my workout I see him in the driveway in his car and I became so angry and I am just thinking about the torture and the feeling of being so uncomfortable in my own house that I don’t know what to do.....When he’s here I just stay in the room and don’t talk to my mom....When he was gone I was getting along with my mom and spending time with her and now that guy is back to ruin everything I am just so sick of this ghetto loser.....He doesn’t even work....

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  • Pearl
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    2 months ago

    if youre lucky enough to be over 18 move out

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Just tell her what you've told us. If you mother loves you she will get rid of him. After all no good mother would choose her new boyfriend over her child she has a wonderful relationship with. If you tell her your worries and how uncomfortable this guy is making you. Then she will most likely drop him. But you need to be sincere. If she thinks your just telling her to leave him casually or just because,then she'll most likely think you don't care bout it to badly and will continue seeing him. Now if you do tell her your sincere feelings and she continues seeing this guy then you have a mother that cares more about some new guy than her own child.... And that's a problem.

    So like I said ask to talk to her in private. Let her know your feelings and worries.... Tell her how you feel so uncomfortable around this guy. How he's always drinking.... How you never talk with the guy and you just overall don't like him and want him to leave.... How you don't spend time with her as much as you used to. If you can not even tell her then obviously it was never that important to you to begin with.

    I don't know whether or not your a man or a woman. But if your a man and your afraid of looking pathetic then let me tell you THAT IS WRONG nothing wrong with how you are feeling and if you think anyone would judge you for it than obviously those people aint worth your time.... So one more time you need to tell her.... Before it is to late and she develops actual feelings for this guy.

    Have you ever heard the saying only true men wear pink? 

    Most people don't think about it much but that saying means that only a true man will do what he wants without caring about what others think of him.... 

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