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Why is comments not working here on Yahoo and is it just my account? How do I fix it?


LAN: I am your hetrosexual stalker. 

Update 2:

Aria: AMEN TO THAT. Report all of his offensive answers and the more we report the more likely Yahoo will suspend his account. I see his question here was removed. He is totally obsessed on stalking people in the mental health and cancer sections and obsessed on two people named Mr. Right and Peter. Especially Mr. Right. 


We need to get him removed. 

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    For the upteenth time, the comments were disabled across the entire Yahoo platform, including commenting on YA answers. This was for security and safety reasons. Also, there are legal liability reasons for Verizon because of increasing spamming, violent threats, and attempts to breach security around a presidential election. They did the same thing in 2012 and 2016.

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    As has been asked/answered DOZENS of times, that feature has been removed. ALWAYS review the questions in the YA subcategory before posting, to see if your question has already been asked/answered. There is no need for users to keep posting this question, when they can scroll down a short way and find their answer. 

    Source(s): Per Yahoo: "In order to strengthen and improve community and engagement, we are temporarily disabling comments. Our goal is always to create a safe, engaging place to connect over interests and passions and we’d love your feedback on how to improve this experience. Please email us your feedback at"
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    It is a glitch. Some say Yahoo may have suspended it due to the election and coronavirus. Could be true though not sure why comments would effect those two world events as false info can travel in answers and questions as well. 

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    😄 They've been gone for 2 weeks now. You don't need it.

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    Commenting on answers has been removed because people have been abusing the comment section. For how long we don't know. It could be temporary, or it could be permanent.

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