Do any American students study at universities for free (a question about scholarships and tuition)?

American universities are famous world-wide for their ludicrous tuition fees. Are there any ways in which an intelligent student can get a university education for free without taking loans? I have heard something about veterans getting a free education. Are they the only ones who get the free ride? Can they get a free ride at any university or is there a tuition fee limit?

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    2 months ago
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    There are plenty of options for tuition assistance outside of loans.  Merit scholarships are offered to high-achieving students; some may cover all tuition and fees, while some even also cover the cost of housing.  Some of these are offered by the schools themselves, while others are offered by private groups.  Some states offer programs that will waive the tuition and fees at public universities and colleges for students who meet certain standards.  Military veterans get money toward college.  Students who are dependents of university employees can often get a reduction/waiver of tuition and fees, although that varies quite a bit by school - some do not offer this.  Low-income students can often get grants and work-study options to cover all or part of their cost of attendance.  And not all schools are ridiculously priced, so there are a decent number of students who can afford to pay for their school.  We have a number of excellent college savings programs and many parents have invested in those over the years.

    My son will be attending my university for free.  He gets a waiver of tuition and fees because I work there, he earned the state scholarship for tuition and fees and will get some of that money to go toward other expenses, and he earned a $4,000 merit scholarship for his grades and test scores. He is going to live on campus and all of his costs will be covered.  If I weren't working there, he would still have most of his costs covered.  This is also before any private scholarships have been awarded.

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    Students in the U.S. can qualify for either merit-based scholarships and or need-based financial that can cover a significant portion of their tuition and fees. How much aid a student gets is based on the parents' income. Scholarships are based on academic excellence.   Very few students actually pay the "list price" for any university.  A small number of kids do end up with what we call a "full ride."

    The GI bill is something else and does provide assistance veterans that include college costs. 

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    Tuition is the only Ludacris at the IVY's and places like Stanford. I paid $60,000 for all of my education before graduate school out of pocket. The reason so many kids have such large sums of debt is that they don't understand the concept of having to pay for it later down the road. They prefer to play during their 4 years instead of working and chipping away at their upcoming debt. And they prefer to go to their dream school instead of staying in-state.

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    the very, very best will have enough scholarships to attend nearly free. and the high profile athletes.  no one else. 

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    You like to paint everything in the American education system with a broad brush.  Not every university in the US has ludicrous tuition fees.  Most state schools have pretty decent tuition rates for in-state students.  

    Lots of people get free rides.  I got my bachelors for free (at a service academy), the military paid for most of my masters, and the GI Bill paid for my associates.  If I had chosen a different route for my bachelors, I had two merit scholarships to a local Catholic university (including one that was a free ride), a full 4-year AFROTC scholarship, had a partial scholarship to another school (just from getting an academic award in high school), and could have gotten other academic and athletic scholarships. 

    Many states have scholarships available for graduating HS seniors to attend state schools.  For example, New Mexico has its lottery scholarship that almost any graduating HS student with decent grades can use.  Alaska has scholarships and grants that each pay up to about $4000 a year for eligible students.  The federal government has grants, such as the Pell Grant and other scholarships.  Even private schools have academic and athletic scholarships.

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