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should I go get a haircut or try a hair treatment at home?

I feel like I could kick myself in the butt. I went to sallys to buy some hair stuff to dye my hair dark ash blonde at home.  I bleached my hair using a 30 developer along with using the dark ash blonde dye, unfortunately it came out light brown with an orange tint which isn't what I wanted. I lost some hair in the process and now my hair is dry and split ends and the color is patchy throughout my head. I feel so angry because I have had bad luck with sallys beauty supply in the past.  They try so hard to act like Ulta or Sephora when they are not!

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    I would go for the haircut and see if they can do anything to fix the color to dye it back dark or try to help you reach your hair color goal in time. Because im sure with the damage done they won't feel comfortable bleaching your hair right away. But i would stay away from the at home treatments if you don't have all the knowledge that stylists do just because they know what chemicals will affect your hair in a negative way and they know which ones will affect in a positive way as in helping you reach your hair goals instead of it going the opposite way. 

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    LOL you're seriously blaming the shop for this debacle? You need more than good luck to colour your own hair and get the exact result you want. 

  • kelvin
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    2 months ago

    you had bad luck because you did something you had no idea what it was you were doing in the first place and you screwed it up

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