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Will my car insurance go up after being on comprehensive for the past 3 months?

After my husband got laid off a few months ago we only kept insurance on his car and changed my coverage to comprehensive only. Will my insurance go up when I put full coverage back onto my car? 


My car has been sitting in our driveway and we haven’t been driving it. I know it will go up from what we’re paying for just comprehensive right now, I mean will it go up from what we were paying before for full coverage before I changed it. Say I was paying $350 a month before, then I changed it to just comprehensive and now I’m paying $80 a month. When I change it back will I be paying $350 again or more? 

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    It does not inversely affect you if thats what you mean. It will go up obviously to the price that the new insurance is priced at, but it wont go up an additional amount because you had different coverage previously and they are adding some fee or something because of that. 

    I regularly  change insurances, i have multiple cars, boat, and multiple motorcycles. Often if I am rebuilding one of them (or its not a season I am using it) I swap down the insurance for the next 6 month renewal and then swap it back up on the next one. I have never been charged some additional fee or anything for doing that. 

    Over the years I have had progressive, USAA, and Nationwide, and all of them let me do it. 

    Hope that helps.  

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    4 months ago

    The only way you can carry only comprehensive is if you take the license plates off the car.  I presume you have done that.  I do that with my summer car when I travel to my winter residence.

    You can't drive it - it doesn't have plates.

    Of course liability plus comprehensive will cost at least as much AFTER Covid as it did before.  Is that the question?

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    4 months ago

    You cannot have "comprehensive only". All cars require liability coverage at minimum, so did you mean "liability only"? If so, the answer is yes.


    BTW, If you are making payments on one or both vehicles, comprehensive is required for them as part of the loan terms.  

  • 4 months ago

    Yes. You will have to pay for collision coverage and liability insurance.

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  • Scott
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    4 months ago

    Yes, because you are required to carry liability insurance by law.

  • Erik
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    4 months ago

    Yes.  More coverage=higher premium.  But how did you have "comprehensive only"?  What about liability?

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