Does fresh air system consume a lot of electricity?

The main function of the fresh air ventilation system is to provide the home with a fresh flow of outdoor air, that is rich in oxygen. However what is to be noted over here is that a fresh air system can help in controlling the energy consumption of the house. This happens because of the heat transfer that takes place between the air going in and the air that’s coming in . In-Air, is one of the well known brands in the category of fresh air system for home.

In the In-Air’s range of fresh air systems for home , the heat from the stale indoor air is transferred to the cool incoming air from outside. In case the air from the outside is warmer than the air that is inside, then the outside air warms up and does not decrease the temperature of the house. This means that the temperature of the house is going to stay within a comfortable and bearable bracket decreasing the load on other electrical goods like air-conditioners. As a rule of thumb, the higher the rate of heat transfer, the lesser will be the overall electricity consumption. In the case of In-Air’s range of products, this rate of consumption of electricity is lowest in the industry. Contact the IN-Air’s team for more details.

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