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When people say they have philosophical differences, why does it usually mean a dissolving of something like a partnership?  ?

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    While partnerships are one example of how philosophical differences can result in dissolution, there are many situations in life that surface this type of difference between individuals. The simple way of understanding what the umbrella phrase "philosophical differences" means is to consider it as expressing people see the same thing(s), but their interpretation of it (them) is often radically different. Some might describe this as irreconcilable difference, but, in many situations, these kinds of differences are what cause people to agree to disagree.

  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    Does it? From what verifiable evidence can you make the gross generalization  "it usually mean a dissolving of something like a partnership?". Yes, it sometimes happens and you have obviously observed this phenomenon a time or three, but you cannot truthfully say "it usually means..." because you only know a very tiny fraction of people in the world and how their relationships turn out. You cannot fairly speak for most relationships, only about your extremely limited observations. 


    Now, to answer your question, the reason it sometimes goes that way is because some people are stubborn and unwilling to compromise or accommodate the views of other. That's just human nature. If you want to understand more about that dynsamic, sociology and psychology can inform you much better about it that philosophy can.

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