IDE/SATA Hardrive Connecting Issue?

Hi all. Hope you'll be able to help. This morning I've attempted to connect to my Windows 7 machine 2 IDE 160gb hardrives I removed from a old Sky+ and a Humax box. I have a All In 1 HDD port connecter plugged into my PC and shows connected. Plugging in the Humax drive doesn't load anything or autoplay. Plugging in the Sky+ drive sometimes loads the autoplay and the files and if disconnected and reconnected, doesn't load some of the time. I also have a 2.5 SATA drive in a caddy case. This has files most important to me. After plugging that into my PC, no light indicators on the drive case, nore does it load on my machine either. The drive gives off working/running sounds inside though. Last time I tried connecting this SATA drive it stated 'System Reserved' this particular time, nothing atall. Bit frustrated as to why these hardrives are having difficulty loading as I thought this would be a easy run and work. Worried about the SATA drive most but any info on how to fix these issues, is it the computer drivers? As they've all been preloaded for me and show to be working...

Thank you all for your time. 

1 Answer

  • 2 months ago

    Most set top boxes use a custom embedded Linux OS and with that use the default ext3/ext4 filesystem.  This format is unable to be read by either Windows or OS X.  They need to be mounted on a Linux machine.  Often these boxes have an encrypted filesystem, encrypted files or use a proprietary video encoding scheme or a combination of these. 

    This is done to prevent doing exactly what you are trying to do.  There are codecs for the encoding, but the encryption is almost impossible to break.

    You can put drives back in their boxes and play the content through a video capture device and record it on your computer. 

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