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Can weed help with back problems?

Since I can’t go to my doctor right now I wanted to see if anyone can help me here. So I’ve been having back problems reason was because I lifter with my back and not my legs(this was back in March or April) and ever since then. I’ve been smoking weed like once every 3 weeks since around April/March, my back pain would go away and come back every so often and it wasn’t until like June or where I smoked a little more like Once or Twice a week, and my back pain was completely gone, until now where I stopped smoking for some personal reason and it’s been a 

more than a week since I’ve stopped and my back pain came back couple days ago, could weed have been the reason I didn’t have any back pain? 

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    nope. weed just makes you high and smell bad

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