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PS4 resolution on HD TV?


I have a pretty regular HD TV, Philips 32PHT4101, it's native resolution is 1360x768.

Recently I bought PS4 slim, and when I started playing, I noticed that colors were weirdly saturated.

I had same experience when I plugged my PC in to my TV. But I would change the display resolution to the native 1360x768 (recommended) and colors would look just fine. Even now I'm using my TV as a PC monitor and it looks absolutely perfect.

But this isn't the case with PS4. I guess, ps4 only puts out image in 1920 and while downgrading, color palette is lost on my TV.

Is there a way to fix this? Changing output settings to 720p or 1080i didn't help. 

Will I need Full HD TV to get the right colors? 


Solved it!

I switched from gaming mode to TV mode and colors are back to normal!

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