Work is receiving wage subsidy from government, good time to ask for a raise? ?

I realise this isn’t really a good time to ask for a raise but I’ve been promised a ridiculously large wage “if you just wait it out” for almost a year.

3 month unpaid internship, then minimum wage for 2 months. Then they qualified for JobKeeper which covers my full pay which lasts until September 27 then goes down to $600 subsidised by the government.

That’s 9 months of work they didn’t have to pay a cent for.

With the $600/week government subsidy that will still cover more than half my wage if I get the raise I plan on asking for, and I don’t mind the stipulation of a review once the wage subsidy stops 6 months later, March 28

If they can’t pay less than half of what I want out of their pocket after 9 months of free labour then I’m pretty sure the “big money just wait it out” was all a lie and I can get on looking for work elsewhere.

I just want someone else’s opinion. 

I believe if my boss, who’s rich enough to own his own business & invest in property, is getting assistance from the government then some of that should trickle down to us. I just want at least $5 above minimum wage.

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    Your boss has to single you out for a potential raise if they can see that you are doing a great job.

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