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What is the importance of a BCA in the digital world?

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    With the extensive and fast development of the web and digital media channels, there is a considerable demand for professionals in the field. The world is developing into a digital capital and therefore one passionate about the field and want to build a career in the filed can kickstart the journey towards the destination with the Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA). You should consider BCA in light of the fact that this course covers more specialized subjects than any additional computers degree. The course curriculum covers innumerable programming dialects so as to enhance students ' knowledge. If you pursue the degree from a good BCA college, then degree can prove as a lucrative one which along with the lifelong information in the field the course also helps you to attain good job opportunities at good positions in diverse organizations.   

  • Sumi
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    2 months ago

    Nothing if you can't get a job.

    Your portfolio is the only thing that matters.  If that means you can create one good enough to get you your dream job for little or no money, then great.  Having an BCA means absolutely nothing to prospective employers.  What matters is your portfolio.

    Now, with that said, one would expect that getting a BCA would mean that you have some set of technical and artistic skills that are not likely to be found in someone without a BCA.  However, with so many ways of learning on line, having a BCA no longer means that you are definitely a better candidate than someone without one or any degree for that matter. 

    If you have a great portfolio and zero degrees, you will get hired before someone with 10 BCAs and a so-so portfolio.  Employers can only about your skills and not a whip about your diploma(s).

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    If you mean a Bachelor of Creative Arts degree, then it will depend on what kind of education you receive. 

  • 2 months ago

    That REALLY depends on what YOU mean by using the acronym BCA. i.e. Breast Cancer Awareness; British Car Auctions; Bachelors in Computer Application; Black Cultural Archives; British Caving Association; Business College of Athens, etc. etc.

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