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I only went on 1 deployment, but from my unit 99% of the people cheated of their spouse.  Men and women.  Is it the same for the rest of the?



@ answers- i know because they told me.  While i was on leave in dubai i got this hooker or there was 2-3 female e4 that ****** half the platoon.  Even my bf.

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    First, how do you know what 99% of your unit members do or have done during a certain period of time? There is NO way for you to actually know with any degree of certainty what people's real sexual activity is. Second, one unit's off duty sexual activity may or may not be repeated trougout the military. Active, Guard or Reserves may differ. Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard differ in their "moral tone".

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    I got me a Dear John letter after my 4th deployment overseas.

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     Not as high as it used to be

    Liberty  ports aren't  like they were when I was in

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