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Am I wrong for thinking that it is crazy that if you make 40k a year before taxes that they take out about 6000 a year from that ?

That sounds unfair and I am 16. 

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    The Federal government alone has four million people on the payroll. That money has to come from somewhere. Maybe you would like a smaller government?

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    You're 16 making $40K a year? Damn! That's a lot of money for a teen. You should be grateful. That $6K isn't all taxes. Only about half. The other half is Social Security and Medicare the government forces us to pay into. Welcome to adulthood. 

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    You can offset that a bit by having your health and retirement benefits removed before taxes.  But in general... no.  Although I do wish the dollars we paid in taxes were spent better, but that's been a problem since the beginning of taxes.

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    6 months ago

    Man your accountant is a wizard

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