Hi, I have CRPS which is an inflammatory nerve dysfunction condition that causes severe pain to my hand and arm. Ive had 2 nerve blocks before the first time i had pain relief for 3 weeks the second time i had relief for 3 days. my doctor suggested another nerve block. I have looked into ketamine infusions and was wondering if there is a difference between having one or the other. The procedures are different. the ketamine infusions are not covered by worker's comp, so id pay out of pocket. The nerve block is covered. I know for the nerve block i usually get really swollen for months after and get a lot of pain at the injection site. i just dont know if i should just go for the nerve block to not pay out of pocket, or if ketamine infusions are the better option? they are 950 per infusion and i would need 3-5 the first week and then a booster monthly. i can save up money to get the ketamine infusions. What should i do?:/

1 Answer

  • 2 months ago

    If you have had a sympathetic nerve block, with good results, perhaps consider a sympathectomy as a permanent treatment.

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