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what exactly makes a throne unique and different from other chairs?

is it simply the formallity factor? i've read a few different descriptions of a throne, and all include a chair which the monarch sits during formal events and such... if the king decides to sit in the back row on a folding chair, does that become the throne during that event..? and why are not all chairs the head monarch sits in considered to be thrones? generally speaking, only the king can sit in his chair regardless of where the chair is and the purpose it serves, correct? even castles equipped with toilets had the royal toilet

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    It is just a chair made for certain ceremonial occasions, or a chair chosen to serve the purpose of being the seat for the monarch during certain occasions.

    Not all seats that a monarch uses are designated as thrones. Some are simply just chairs.

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    By the weird twist of logic that semantics trump Reality, the British technically don't have a throne, just a Crown. Just because they say they don't. But they do have that to which a monarch succeeds, accessions and ascends.ย 

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    the person who sits on it

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    Originally, in mediaeval times, chairs were rare. So a throne was very special indeed.

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    Throne (from the Greek meaning chair) is largely symbolic, to mean the office the sovereign holds. But there are special chairs that are designated as thrones. The Coronation Chair used in the UK is not the throne, but a more convenient way of sitting on the Stone of Destiny which is housed within it. Each king or Queen has their own throne made for themselves with another for their consort, decorated with their insignias, and installed in the throne room of Buckingham Palace for formal ceremonies; protocol means anyone else does not sit on them. There are thrones at other palaces including the Palace of Westminster (from which the Queen makes her annual speech) but these are not specifically made for each sovereign. Any other chair used for the purpose of sitting is not a throne.

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    The throne is the chair in which the monarch sits to conduct public business as the monarch. It is usually a designated large and ornate chair in the throne room but it could be any number of other chairs if required. The chair the monarch sits in to eat dinner or watch TV is not a throne. many people refer to the toilet as "the throne". For the most part, while it is not illegal for anyone to sit on the throne while the monarch is not there, etiquette demands that you don't.

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