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If a particular work out gets easier with time, does it burn the same amount of calories as when the work out was harder in the beginning?

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    If you keep doing the same activity first of all your body build muscle to accommodate the strength needed then once you have the strength it starts becoming more efficient.  Initially calorie burn will increase as you have more muscle but then drop as your body moves to being more efficient.

    To keep the calorie burn going you need to increase the difficulty, lifting heavier weights, running faster or further.

    If you look at different runners sprinters have big *** leg muscles that burn calories quickly as they went the fast as possible route, marathon runners are skinny as they went the longer time route and their muscles are efficient at not using as many calories.

  • A.J.
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    2 months ago

    Muscles become more efficient. And, if you lost weight. Same exercise burns fewer calories.

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