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Is your voting office receiving public requests for legislation before and after votes where can i make the requests ? ?


Please withdraw your congress here for just 1 vote of mine are necessary 100 000 signatures to withdraw it change a law 

Update 2:

We have dictatorship ahain since genocide all kind of stupid things and crimes and rapes are done by the governmebt if gipsy masons about which we thought the sell flowers while they occupied the government and abdicated the king and is imposdivle to meet in Democratic Assembly all the buildings are guarded

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  • Tmess2
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    2 months ago

    Not sure what you are trying to ask.  Local election authorities do not have the authority to change the law.

    The power to change the law rests with your legislative body.  So if you want to make a request for a change to election law, you need to make that request to a member of the legislature.  Such a request is likely to get the most attention if you send it to the person who represents your district.  Even then, it would help if multiple people are making the request.

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