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Is 5 foot 7 and 152 lbs fat?

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    Depends on sex and percentage of body fat, honestly it's not that bad a weight for either male or female but I'd say it's always better for your body to exercise daily and have a good diet, so no matter what weight you are you are still healthy

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    depends on if you're a girl or a guy

    if you're a guy then probably fine depending on how much is muscle vs fat

    if you're a girl (like me) then personally at 5' 7" id want to be a bit thinner. you're not fat you're fine/average but if you want to be skinny then maybe lose some weight? ive got a friend who's also 5'7" and she keeps her body at around 120 lbs which is like thin and looks pretty but still a healthy weight. right now you're also a normal but just towards the upper range so its your choice tbh

  • Andy C
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    6 months ago

    No, those are metrics of weight and height. 

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago


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